Adult Leader Resources

Pack 16 Rules Because of Leaders Like YOU! Thank you for all you do for the scouts and their families! This page contains links to documents and other resources that you will find helpful.

Becoming a Cub-Scout Leader

All New Leaders must:

*You will also need need to take the Youth Protection Training on the BSA Website. You will have to create an account (the BSA will link your training to your registration number when they file your application.) Print out your certificate of Completion and attach to Adult Volunteer Application and give to Cub Master/Assistant Cub Master. The Pack pays for den leader registration.

**All Scout Leaders must stay current with online training bulletins and must print out a proof of training annually upon returning to scouts in August to hand into the Pack Training Committee Member .

***All Additional Den Leader/Committee Member Specific  Training must be completed prior to Re-Chartering. Deadline for training is January 12th, 2018.

Helpful Forms/Info

  • Pack 16 Check Request/Reimbursement Form                                  Den’s have a budget of about $25 per scout to put towards den activities. Keep copies of your receipts, fill out above form and return to Pack Committee Treasurer.
  • Deduction for BSA volunteer expenses                                                         Did you know your uniform, the millage your drive for scout events as a leader and other non-reimbursed expenses are tax deductible? As always check with your tax adviser!
  • Cub Trails Tutorial Click HERE!
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