Please read the 2016 Parent Handbook, This is not a substitute for the parent handbook!

  • FAQ: What should he/we be working on outside of regular den meetings?  

Your den leader will probably assign you “homework” that will help your scout meet his rank achievements on time. Please see him/her. You may also work on elective belt loops if you are a Tiger, Wolf or Bear.

FAQ: What is Cub Trails, and what do I do with it?

Cub trails is our online achievement tracking system. First you must accept the invite that is sent to you to access your scouts Cub Trails Page. If you work on homework or complete an extra achievement you can simply click on the box and it is recorded as achieved. Your den leader will have to approve for it to be awarded. Also, you can use it to make sure that your son is on track to achieving rank at the Blue and Gold. You also can use it to double check that your scout will be getting the awards he has earned. If it is marked yellow it means he will get it at the next pack meeting. If you don’t see it marked yellow, that means he will not get it and if he should get it you must let your den leader or Dianne Koch (887-6898) know that he should receive it. Awards marked Green mean it has already been awarded.

Click Here for a Tutorial for Parents! Note this is made by a different pack and references the old program, but it is quick and the directions are the same.

FAQ: Can the entire family (mom and sisters and brothers) attend a family campout?

YES! Even grandma and grandpa are welcome to camp out with us. We generally have have 3 campouts year (fall family, crossover and Spring Advancement Campout!)

FAQ: May I drop off and pick up my scout after the meeting?

No. You are expected to stay with your scout and assist the den leader with scouts meetings. If you are bored, please see a committee member. We can find a job for you to do if your den leader does not need you!

FAQ: What is the red vest the boys wear?

It is for patches and pins that do not go on uniform shirt! Patches earned at camp-outs, field trips, special projects like big sweep and if you as a family go to places that have patches (many historical and national parks do) those can go on there as well! Click Here To Learn More About the Red Vest!

FAQ: When does the scout wear the blue shirt and when do they wear their uniform?

Your den leader will let you know if the uniform should be worn for den meetings, but for the most part, blue shirt is for den meetings and activities where the boys will be active and/or messy. The uniform is for pack meetings and special outings like caroling where we really want to look our best.

FAQ: Why are dues so much compared to some other packs in the area?

Some packs in our area receive special extra funding from Friends of Scouting and their own charter organization. Pack 16 does not. Your dues pay for ALL of the awards your scout has the opportunity to earn which is approximately $40 per year if they earn all their den leader plans for them to earn. Not all packs decorate their scouts like PACK 16! For the year 2016-2017 , we will have two pack meetings, a Blue and Gold and Advancement Ceremony where they will receive a bag of patches for their red vest and beads for their lanyards! Just look at one of our scouts and you will see your scout will get lots of awards if they do their best! Our dues also pay for a subscription to boys life($12),  registration fee to Council ($24.00), All Den Activity Materials ($25) and even a Pinewood Derby Kit ($5)!

FAQ: I want to help as an assistant den leader, but I am not always able to help because of my work schedule, can I still be an Assistant Den Leader?

YES! We need you! Many hands make light work. You may not be able to help some weeks, but the weeks you can may help others who are not able! Please see Dianne Koch or Mary Wolff and we will get you the information you need to get yourself into a brown (or yellow if you wish) shirt!

FAQ: Why do I need to fill out ANOTHER health form this year as nothing have changed from last year?

It is BSA policy and HIPPA/Government guidelines. We destroy all health forms from the prior year for your privacy. If you can get a writable PDF here www.scouting.org/filestore/…/pdf/680-001_ABC.pdf and save, print and sign year after year for all members of your family! Also, save a copy of health forms you have done for summer camps as they will count toward the following scout year!

FAQ: Why doesn’t the pack provide lunch on Saturday during the campouts?

Our Quartermaster has a lot of work to do preparing breakfast, and dinner on Saturday. He and his team are parents just like you. They need a break and time to enjoy the camp-out with their scouts as well. If you would like to assist with preparing meals or would like to volunteer as the Lunch Time Quartermaster, the Pack Committee would love to have you!

FAQ: I lost my son’s awards can you replace them for me?

No and yes! If your son looses his belt loops or pins then NO, we are not able to replace them, but you may go to the scout store and purchase them. If you should loose their rank patches (Bobcat, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos Or Arrow of Light) You will need to bring the card that was given to you as proof of earning. If you lost that as well, see the cub master or committee chairperson to help you with the evidence that your son did in fact earn it to show the scout store.

If your son looses any of the beads from the lanyard, we will be happy to replace them. We also usually have extra patches from the fall family camp-out and other patch awarded activities too.

FAQ: Why don’t you do a banquet for the blue and gold?

This was done many years ago, and it was very expensive and resulted in a lot of uneaten food by the scouts. Also it added to the time it took to conduct the ceremony. Over the past 6 years we have moved to a dessert reception afterwards with a cake decorating contest. We know it is not the best nutritionally if you have not eaten dinner before the blue and gold, but hey, one night of dessert supper never killed anyone and the scouts really do seem to enjoy it!