Pack 16 Rulez because not only do we have the best scouts, but we have the best parents as well! We need YOU to help us continue to make Pack 16 Rule! There are many opportunities for you to help within our pack. These are a few of the following volunteer opportunities we would love for you to be apart of!

  • Pack Committee Members: We need adult volunteers to help run out pack. We need a Cub Master for the 2019-2020 scout year.
  • Quarter Master Team Member: Help our awesome Quarter Master (The guy/gal who is responsible for all meals served at our camp-outs) shop, set-up, cook and clean-up at all meals during our camp-outs and picnics.
  • Donut Sunday Helpers: Help our Head Donut Person… He could use some help. He will purchase and set up at the 7:30 masses every other month, but it would be helpful to have a group of 2-5 adults who would take charge of the other masses (9:30 11:30). The more helpers we have the better! All scouts who volunteer get a donut bead!
  • Pop-Corn Crew:The pop corn crew will help our Pop-Corn Colonel with picking up our order, setting up the order for pick up and assisting the treasures with collecting money from popcorn sales.